Last Friday, I went to Gloden, to see the translator for the Glodeni dialect. The SIL team is training the translator. This was also interesting for me, since I’ve never had a translator training. I couldn’t understand anything, because the communication language was Hungarian, and my Hungarian is very bad, but they did translate some things for me so that I knew where they were talking about. I could understand the training book, because that is written in Romanian. They discussed words from the Bible that have no equivalent in the language where the Bible needs to be translated to. For example the word for Passover does not exist in Glodeni, so how do you translate this? You can either make up a new word, use the original Greek/Hebrew word, or use a description. In the case of Passover, this is a Jewish celebration. Ideally, there is one word for the Jewish celebration, and a different one for the Christian celebration, in English called Easter, to show the difference between the two. It was interesting to be there, but probably I won’t be involved in this project, because this dialect is strongly influenced by Hungarian. Probably, I will work first with a dialect that is influenced by Romanian, because that is easier for me.

Below are some pictures of Gloden:

The translator




Interior of the church, it is also used for an after-school program






Pictures of Cluj and Targu Mures

Wednesday evening I arrived safely at Cluj where my friend was waiting for me with a banana. We took a taxi to her house where I ate a typical Romanian soup. I was two days in Cluj and then I went to Targu Mures. I arrived here yesterday, I’m staying in a village nearby Targu Mures, with the family of team members. At the moment it’s still a weird idea that this town will be my home, but I think that will be better when I get to know the place more. The center of Targu Mures is really nice, but outside the center it’s a bit grey and there are a lot of buildings that are not well taken care of. The nature is very nice here, with lots of hills and some mountains nearby.

As promised here are some pictures of Cluj and Targu Mures.

Here you see the castle of Targu Mures. It doesn’t look nice from nearby, because they are renovating it. The building with the tower is a Hungarian Reformed church (all the reformed churches in Targu Mures are Hungarian).

castle of Targu Mures

The theater of Targu Mures.


The main square of Targu Mures. The church you see is an orthodox church.

main square in Targu Mures

It’s international women’s day. In Romania this is also celebrated as mother’s day. For this occasion there is a flower market.

Women's day in Targu Mures

The next pictures are made in Cluj. Here I am in the botanical garden of Cluj. This is the Japanese section. Most flowers were already working hard to become pretty, but they still have to grow a bit more. Maybe next time when I am in Cluj, I can see the flowers.

botanical garden of Cluj

Cluj by night.

Cluj by night

Orthodox Church in Cluj. As you can see, everything is decorated and they like gold.

orthodox church

View over Cluj, we were at a nice spot called: belvedere, which means ‘nice view’.

view over Cluj

This is the theater of Cluj. I don’t know why I always make a picture of the theater building, but I guess I like them.

theater of Cluj

La revedere!


Buna, ce faci? 

Tomorrow is the big day, I will go to Romania! Tomorrow evening I will fly to Cluj to meet a dear friend from the time I lived in France. I will stay two nights with her and then I will go to Tirgu Mures to meet my team. I will stay in Romania until March 26. I bought some books to read about Roma people and to learn Romanian, but I still have to work hard when I want to have my first conversation in Romanian ;). 

When I get back, I will go straight to the hospital to get a nerve block: they will block the nerve in my foot so that my foot will stop hurting. That would be wonderful.

I will keep you posted, with lots of pictures so don’t miss it! 

La revedere!